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 Moved over all my posts and comments on them to here:blog.heckgames.com/
'll probably check this once in a while to see what others are up to but I won't be posting here anymore.

Hosting my blog...

I'm getting tired of all the adds LJ has been adding so I'm thinking about hosting my blog on my web servers to get rid of the adds. 

MAB Magian Gun

I decided to work on this because it is the best QD I can obtain currently.  Not only that but it seems to be the best Leaden Salute gun based on my calculations.

So far I'm on the 4th trial.  I completed 2 trials last night 923(50 Buffalo) and 924(50 anything) with a THF that was in U. Range killing Buffalo. All these trials are pretty much Ice day/weather now which U. Range is awesome for, especially since I have demons, snolls, amorphs, and bats to finish. Though I think I'm gonna have to suffer through Castle Z for the demons, dunno if the ones in U. Range are ever EP I think they were always EXP mobs for 75s but haven't checked.

Leaden Salute COR/SAM vs. COR/RDM

Lately I"ve been  going around as COR/SAM for DDing purposes and it got me wondering if I were to be using Leaden Salute over say Slug Shot/Detonator where Hasso helps quite a bit would COR/SAM beat out COR/RDM's MAB2.

The difference between no MAB2 and MAB2 from my calculations is a bit above 100 damage depending on gear.  To simplify things I'll say the difference is 100 so 400 vs. 500.  I'm sure I could get it higher than that once I get better gear for it but for now I'll use these numbers to estimate the damage difference.

/RDM gets 100~TP in 6 shots.
/SAM gets 100~ TP in 5 shots using Rajas.

Assuming an 8 second delay, that would mean 48 seconds to 100tp on /RDM and 40 seconds on /SAM.

In 10 minutes that would be:

600/48 = f12(12.5)
600/40 = 15

12 * 500 = 6000
15 * 400 = 6000

Interesting, this means /SAM > /RDM when looking at it as just spamming Leaden Salute as I didn't even factor in Meditate for extra TP.

Using 1 hour:

3600/48 = 75
3600/40 = 90

75 * 500 = 37,500
90 * 400 = 36,000

So not counting Meditate if the battle goes on long enough then /RDM will beat out /SAM.  So lets add in Meditate for the hour being used every 3 minutes would add: 1200TP or 12 more WS.

102 * 400 = 40,800

Given these results I don't ever see a point in subbing RDM when looking to optimize Leaden Salute for long fights.

COR is the new SCH!

Well for me as I doubt I'll bother taking SCH past 75 COR is just so much more fun.

So when the level cap update came I had options about what job to take to 80 (COR, RDM, SCH).  I'd been sitting on gil as I was wondering what to spend it on while I made a bit here and there. I decided to go with COR because well I feel it got the most out of the update.  So I pushed for 80 on COR which wasn't too hard after all its one of those jobs that people want in a PT.  I COR/NINed my way to 80 and eventually capped my Marksmenship in Dynamis.

I've been doing Abyssea off and on at first I was soloing on SCH but lately I've been going with shout groups on COR when possible.  I tried joining a LS for Abyssea runs but that already seems to have flopped :(  I got my Aurore pants which is what I really wanted from the buy-able stuff.

Right now I'm set on getting RNG to 49 so I can actually sub it but since I shoot for TP and I can hit RACC cap or get really close with my gear and sushi I've been using /SAM for DDing since it drops me to a 6-shot to 100~tp.  I'm wondering if /RNG will really be worth it I mean the 22 RACC would be awesome but so far /SAM has been awesome with a Staff.  I'm wondering if giving up Hasso/Seigan/Third Eye is worth being able to swap in some RATK gear as there's no way to compete for X-shot builds with /SAM.

I need a ton of merits on COR since I never really merited it before the level cap always focused on mage merits.  I'm working on 2 Magian Guns for COR, STP Anarchy as it allows COR to get to 5 hit without losing RACC on /SAM or work toward a 4-hit build, and the MAB Gun Mayhem as its the best Leaden Salute (<3) Gun and 3rd best Quick Draw gun but easiest of the top 3 to obtain.  The game has gotten fun again though I feel I should work on a melee set for COR but who knows I love playing it as a buffing RNG.

My current main LS seems to be dead a lot lately and I don't really know what I'm going to do about that as it is kind of depressing to come in and not have anyone to talk to or do stuff with because they're busy doing stuff with their dual boxed characters already and don't care to do anything else.

One Staff to Rule them all!

Randomly bored and thought about this which would fit SE's rules about gear.

The One (too lazy to come up with a good name)
(Staff) All Races
DMG:68  Delay:366
Elemental Affinity: Magic Accuracy +6
Elemental Affinity: Magic Damage +6
Elemental Affinity: Avatar Perp. cost -6

Regurgitation Equation

I've been looking around and haven't found the formula anywhere.  
The closest I found was this:
1 INT = 2 DMG
1 MND = 1 DMG

While this is a nice starting point that's just it I mean it doesn't really give any answers as to the whole formula.

For Reference:
Nukes done as BLU/WHM and BLU/SCH (no spells set)
Reference spells were done on neutral day/weather, with 0 MAB.
Target: Bees outside Bastok


M = 1 ( I used 1 for both even though Wiki has Banish as 0.5 as I couldn't get the numbers I did in game with 0.5 unless the bee had negative stats)
Banish V = 15  (pulled from Wiki)
Stone V = 10 (pulled from Wiki)
Formula used for numbers above: [ ( ( yourSTAT - targetSTAT ) * M ) + V ] = Total

My theorized Regurgitation formula:
[ ( ( ( yourINT * 2 ) - targetINT) + (yourMND - targetMND ) ) * M ) + V ] * Position Bonus * Staff Bonus * Day/Weather * MAB * Mob Adjustment = Damage

Here's the numbers I got based on that formula

yourINTtargetINTyourMNDtargetMNDMVPosition BonusPositionStaffD/WMABMob Adj.TotalActual


I'm still a bit unsure of the Position bonus being a multiplier as I haven't done enough tests yet but I figured I would share my initial findings.  I still need to see if the INT/MND part of the equation actually work as theorized.


Regurgitation has a damage bonus from the side and from the back which have different values.  Other tests need more information to be conclusive.



 I dunno why but I got the urge to level WHM... I'm hoping its just something to say 40 for SCH sub at 80 but I honestly dunno the urge feels like wanting to go past 50...

BLU Fun Times

Both jobs can almost do any given party role and solo very well in their respective ways.
I've been having tons of fun playing the job, even farming spells isn't too bad and it beats having to spend gil on scrolls.  I get the whole time = gil in the game but farming spells almost always means exp or small amounts of gil from drops or being a beastmen.

So far its been tons of fun playing the job and even farming the spells has taught me quite a few things.  Maybe I shouldn't have been farming Regurgitation at 66 but I was able to solo a Peiste using Sheep Song/Pinecone Bomb and Bludgeon + Frenetic Rip to feed TP.  Was going pretty well until 2 resists and a string of Double Attacks... so I'll probably wait until 68 or just after getting 69 so I can play with the spell.

So... BLU Spells

I've been playing around with BLU again and it will probably be my next job to 75.  Thanks to a LS member who is working on Maat's Cap Jobs I've been getting PT invites on BLU instead of having to solo...

So I figured I'd write up a list of spells I'm missing on BLU, I make sure to get the must have good spells but ones that will never get used in EXP be it solo or in pt.  My goal is to get all spells for BLU and I know come June this list might get huge but I'll list them so I can keep track of what I have and what I need to get.

1 Sandspin
1 Pollen
1 Foot Kick
4 Power Attack
4 Sprout Smack
4 Wild Oats
8 Metallic Body
8 Cocoon
8 Queasyshroom
12 Battle Dance
12 Head Butt
12 Feather Storm

16 Helldive
16 Healing Breeze
16 Sheep Song
18 Bludgeon
18 Cursed Sphere
18 Blastbomb
20 Blood Drain
20 Claw Cyclone
22 Poison Breath
24 Soporific
26 Screwdriver
28 Bomb Toss
30 Wild Carrot

30 Grand Slam
32 Sound Blast
32 Chaotic Eye

34 Death Ray
34 Smite of Rage
36 Digest
36 Pinecone Bomb
38 Blank Gaze
38 Jet Stream
38 Uppercut

40 Mysterious Light
40 Terror Touch
42 Venom Shell
42 MP Drainkiss
44 Blitzstrahl

44 Stinking Gas
44 Mandibular Bite
46 Magnetite Cloud
46 Geist Wall

46 Awful Eye
48 Refueling
48 Blood Saber
48 Sickle Slash

48 Jettatura
50 Ice Break
50 Self-Destruct
50 Frightful Roar
52 Cold Wave
52 Filamented Hold
54 Hecatomb Wave

54 Radiant Breath
56 Feather Barrier
58 Magic Fruit

58 Flying Hip Press
58 Light of Penance
60 Death Scissors
60 Dimensional Death

60 Spiral Spin
61 Maelstrom

61 Eyes On Me
61 Seedspray

61 Bad Breath
62 Memento Mori
62 Body Slam
62 1000 Needles
63 Spinal Cleave

63 Frenetic Rip
63 Frypan
63 Hydro Shot

64 Feather Tickle
64 Yawn
64 Voracious Trunk
65 Infrasonics
65 Zephyr Mantle

66 Frost Breath
66 Sandspray
66 Corrosive Ooze
67 Diamondhide
67 Enervation
68 Warm-Up
68 Firespit
69 Tail Slap
69 Hysteric Barrage
69 Regurgitation
70 Amplification
70 Cannonball
70 Asuran Claws

71 Lowing
71 Heat Breath
71 Triumphant Roar
72 Sub-zero Smash
72 Disseverment
72 Saline Coat
73 Ram Charge
73 Mind Blast
73 Temporal Shift
74 Actinic Burst
74 Magic Hammer
74 Reactor Cool
75 Exuviation
75 Plasma Charge
75 Vertical Cleave

I need to double check when I get home which ones I have and don't have but for now what I remember will do.